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At DSC MSIT, our aim is to learn and teach. Developers, designers and managers come together under one roof to create a community which inspires thousands. Join Us!

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Our Focus

We think slightly out of the box, we believe that a club’s resources must not only be channeled into conducting events but also to propagate learning and teaching, symbiotically.

We have seen many MSITians shoot across the sky and we, at DSC MSIT, aim towards creating an educative realm that would help everyone learn the required skills and make their mark!

Get to know the team

We’ve got a strong team filled with caffeine addicted developers, gradients loving designers and machine like working managers.

The Team

Our Projects

We are actively conducting workshops, and also contributing to the development side by churning out high quality projects.


Webinars and Events

Introduction to Git & Github

Start up guide on how to use git and github, so that journey to become a successful developer can go as easy as possible

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We’re very active on social media.

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